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Students may enroll in any quarterly on-site speedbuilding course or the Professional Realtime course at any time during the year.

(Tuition will be pro-rated according to the student’s start date)


An online/independent study option of all courses is now available and may be enrolled in at any time during the year. The speedbuilding courses require successful completion of all homework assignments, weekly required online speed testing, and a required monthly live workshop with an instructor. Students will have 16 weeks to complete all requirements of each course.

(Other restrictions apply)


All RTT and RTW courses are $27.84 per lecture hour. All other courses are $40.70 per lecture hour. There is an additional $25 registration fee per registration period. Online speedbuilding courses also have an additional lab fee. (This fee varies in relation to the number of students enrolled.) We also offer tuition financing. The general terms of the program are as follows: The entire amount of tuition from start to finish will be financed. A down payment of either 5% or 10% of that amount will be required. The interest rate will be 6% for those that put 10% down and 12% for those who put 5% down. The repayment period will be twice the term financed. i.e., if the student finances the entire 10 quarters (30 months), the repayment period will be 60 months. Monthly payments will begin anywhere between the second and fourth month of attendance. The above is a general overview and not meant to convey that all students in all circumstances will be approved.

(Other restrictions do apply)

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