Conduct and Personal Appearance

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Plagiarism, cheating, and the use of drugs or alcohol on school property are not permitted. TextStream Institute of Court Reporting, Inc., reserves the right to dismiss a student for such behavior. Should a student be dismissed as a result of violating this policy re-entrance into the program will be prohibited indefinitely.

Students are preparing for a career in the business and legal field and should therefore attend classes appropriately dressed and well-groomed. Business casual and denim is permissible. Please no holes in clothing, bare midriffs or shoulders, exposed cleavage, facial piercings, or unnatural hair dye (i.e., blue, pink, purple, etc.). Otherwise you may be excused from all classes that day.

If a student shows repeated disregard for the above appearance policy and receives three written warnings that student will be considered voluntarily withdrawn from the program and re-entrance into the program will be prohibited.

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